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A Pilgrim's handbook.1AVAILABLE
A promise in the Storm : Teacher Manual1AVAILABLE
A Promise in the Storm.2AVAILABLE
A Question of Faith.2AVAILABLE
A Sacramental People. : Initiation2AVAILABLE
A Short Life of Anne Frank.1AVAILABLE
A Special Collection by Monica Brown. CD.2AVAILABLE
A Spiritual Profile of Edmund Ignatius Rice. 1762-1844.1AVAILABLE
A Theology of Presence.1AVAILABLE
A Time To Die, A Time To Rise.1AVAILABLE
A Time To Speak.1AVAILABLE
A Vow To Cherish : Story of Faith in God. FF.1AVAILABLE
A Walk to Remember FF2AVAILABLE
A Way of the Cross for Religion Teachers.1AVAILABLE
A World Made Whole.1AVAILABLE
A World of Stories for Preachers and Teachers.1AVAILABLE
A. Icons. B. The Virgin Mary. C.Irish Humanitarians.1AVAILABLE
A. Meditation. B. Rituals of Lent.1AVAILABLE
About a Boy. FF.1AVAILABLE
About Schmidt. FF.1AVAILABLE
According To Your Word. ( Pupils' Book )1AVAILABLE
Achieving Inclusion.2AVAILABLE
Achieving Positive Behaviour - A Practical Guide.2AVAILABLE
Across the Blue Sea. (CD)1AVAILABLE
Acting It Out - Junior.1AVAILABLE
Acts ( Bible Society ) FF.1AVAILABLE
Adam and Paul ( Homelessness )1AVAILABLE
Adam's Return The Five Promises of Male Initiation1AVAILABLE
Advent '98.1AVAILABLE
Advent and Christmas Music.1AVAILABLE
Advent and Christmas.1AVAILABLE
Advent and Lent Activities for Children.2AVAILABLE
Advent Begins at Home.2AVAILABLE
Advent Blessings.1AVAILABLE
Advent Resources - Scottish Catholic Education Office ( pack )1AVAILABLE
Afghanistan : Behind the Veil.2AVAILABLE
Africa Alive Schools Programme : Food, Land and Trees. Book Two.1AVAILABLE
Africa Alive Schools Programme : Health and Education. Book Three.1AVAILABLE
Africa Alive Schools Programme : Water - Book One.1AVAILABLE
After The Ashes.1AVAILABLE
After the Tears.1AVAILABLE
Against Racism. Pack.1AVAILABLE
AIDS Education For Schools. ( Pack )1AVAILABLE
Alive and Active : The Old Testament Beyond 2000.1AVAILABLE
All About Faith 1.2AVAILABLE