Advent and Christmas

[file] Advent Booklet
Designed by Vivat International with a focus on the poor and marginalised, particularly in Ireland.
22/11/12 10:19 am3.13 MB
[file] A Poem for Chirstmas
Exploring the incarnation in light of our new understandings of the cosmos.
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[file] Images for Advent
Slideshow of images for advent and christmas
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[file] A Nativity Play
A play by Susan Gately
04/11/10 11:49 am220 KB
[file] The Advent Wreath
History of the wreath and how to make a wreath
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[file] Examination of Conscience
Advent Examination of Conscience
03/09/09 4:17 pm26.5 KB
[file] First Week of Advent
A short service for the Blessing of the Advent Wreath.
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[file] Second Week of Advent
A short service for the second week of Advent
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[file] Third Week of Advent
A short service for the third week of Advent
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[file] The Story of the Magi
Christmas Meditations
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[file] Christmas Reflection.doc26/11/10 11:36 am430.5 KB
[file] Christmas Carol Service
A Christmas Carol Service for schools
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[file] Searmanas ag an gCró Nollag.doc26/11/09 5:59 pm43.5 KB
[file] Behold I Stand
A poem by Gerard Kelly
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[file] Mary's Dream
A reflection suitable for Advent or Carol Services
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[file] The Gift of the Robin
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[file] The Journey of the Magi
Poem by T.S. Elliot
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[file] Celebrating the Invitations of Advent, Christmas and New Yea03/09/09 4:16 pm30 KB
[file] The Magi
Depictions of the Magi in art through the ages.
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