Reflections for Staff Meetings

The following reflections are suitable for encouraging prayer and reflection at the beginning of a Staff Meeting. 

[file] Facts about Brent Geese
What we can learn from the natural world about Team Leadership.
30/11/12 10:19 am674 KB
[file] Morning Prayer_JohnODonohue.doc14/11/12 10:41 am56.5 KB
[file] A Blessing
A blessing by John O Donohue
30/09/09 4:58 pm40.5 KB
[file] Beginning of the School Year Reflection.30/09/09 4:58 pm26.5 KB
[file] A Story of the Aztec People of Mexico30/09/09 4:58 pm46.5 KB
[file] The Rock Cries Out.doc
Reflection by Maya Angelou
19/05/11 12:54 pm204 KB
[file] One at a Time
A reflection for teachers suitable for the beginning of the school year.
16/06/10 2:55 pm87 KB
[file] Reflection on a Butterfly30/09/09 4:59 pm256.5 KB
[file] Prayers for Teachers
A selection of prayers for teachers.
04/09/09 5:14 pm37.5 KB
[file] Litany of the Circle
A reflection on our connection with one another and the earth.
30/09/09 4:59 pm27 KB
[file] A Blessing
Blessing by John O Donohoe on Power Point
30/09/09 4:59 pm8.71 MB
[file] God Beyond all Names04/09/09 5:12 pm28 KB
[file] For the Month of May
Reflection on Mary.
30/09/09 4:59 pm29.5 KB
[file] October 4th%3A A Franciscan Blessing30/09/09 4:58 pm26.5 KB
[file] Take Time04/09/09 5:13 pm20 KB
[file] What is your Name?04/09/09 5:16 pm20 KB
[file] The Soul's Deep Longing04/09/09 5:15 pm22 KB
[file] Paidir do Mhúinteoirí.doc03/11/10 12:05 pm40.5 KB